Early Years Consultant

Early Years Consultant

MOCK INSPECTION The advantages of are as follows: • Planning and preparation for your staff members, through being observed, asked questions, discussion and looking at children’s profiles. • Preparation for the management and leadership through joint observation, compliance checking, leadership questions, support and advice • A report will be given which will highlight evidence good practice and suggestions of ways to improve and progress.

1. The Plan of the day will be start at 9am with a discussion with the manager followed with a tour of the nursery. Out of school clubs will at be at 3pm.

2. Observations will start at 9.30am this will continue until the children have had lunch

3. From 12.30pm discussions will be held with staff, track the children and look at profiles and assessment records and do a joint observation with the manager

4. All compliance welfare paperwork will be looked at

5. Learning and development paperwork will be seen.

At the end of the inspection a discussion/feedback will be held with the manager, recommendations and suggestions. A written report will be written and emailed to you. Feedback will be given at 3.30pm, preschools may differ from full day nurseries and out of school clubs.